5 Tips to Shop for Modern Danish Designer Furniture

Introducing Danish Furniture

Danish furniture has been making waves in the interior design world. Although beginning in mid-century, it has only been recently popularised in modern times. The Danish design principles of using clean lines, organic textures and minimaliststyle creates a beautiful atmosphere in homes, and makes your living area a delightful place to spend quality time in.


Simple in nature,Danish designer furniture is a very versatile choice for your home with its neutral colours and subtle beauty; it’s an easy choice for matching the overall style of your home.

To help you select Danish designs that are compatible with your home, here are a few tips to help you make a well-informed decision when buying modern Danish furniture:

  1. Style Blending

The great thing about Danish furniture brands like Wendelbo Perth is that their simple design allows furniture to blend in seamlessly with most styles.


However it is important to remember that the core of Danish furniture design is its clean and uncluttered look. Having an assortment of items around your furniture will only diminish the furniture’s essence and style.

  1. Multi-Functionality

A feature that has been incorporated into Danish furniture recently is the multi-functionality of it. For instance, Wendelbo’s Surface sofa has a built-in side table that adds practicality to its design.


  1. Affordability

With the rise in popularity of Danish furniture, affordability factor for these stunning pieces have also set in. High quality and original Danish furniture might cost a pretty penny more than generic brands, but it’s a solid investment in the long run due to its solid workmanship and durability.

  1. The Modern Touch

As design has evolved, neutral tones, colours, and even materials have been incorporated into Danish designs like sofas, tables, guest chairs, and modern lounge chairs which evoke a very classic, contemporary feel. Choose colours or textures that would match your space and create the feel you want in the room. 


  1. Customization

With brands like Wendelbo, you can customize your Danish sofa to best suit your comfort level, design preferences and lifestyle requirements. From where you want your headrests, to the type of fabric used and even custom configurations can be done.

Wendelbo’s unique designsand high quality of workmanship are appealing to many Danish design enthusiasts. The contemporary design style of Wendelbois highly inspiringwith their innovative choices in materials and artisanal work, whilst not compromising on its traditional values like craftsmanship, quality in every single detail.


ÖOPENSPACE – a modern designer furniture store in Perth, carries the Wendelbo range (amongst other Danish Designer brands) of sofas, tables, and lounge chairs. Visit their Subiaco showroom or browse the Wendelbo range online at our website .please stay connected with us on Facebook and Instagram social networks.


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